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Monona County is home to 19 townships.

Township Officers & Information

Township Map

Township Officer Duties

Township Officers are elected by the voters of the township who reside outside of the corporate limits of a city. Township officers may be residents of a city within the township. Township trustees and clerks are selected to 4-year terms either by appointment by the Board of Supervisors or by an election on a nonpartisan basis.

Township Trustee Duties

  1. Annually prepare and adopt a budget and certify taxes for the following services:
    • Fire & Rescue Departments
    • Maintenance of Township Cemeteries
    • Sale of Township Cemetery Deeds
  2. Resolve fence disputes

Township Clerk Duties

  1. Maintain a record of all proceedings and orders of the trustees
  2. Maintain records and documents
  3. Receive, collect, and disburse, under the orders of the township trustees, all funds belonging to the township.
  4. Prepare Annual Report and Fiscal Year budget to be given to the Monona County Auditor.

What is a Township?

A township is simply a geographic subdivision of a county for which 3 trustees will be elected/appointed who have the authority to levy property taxes on behalf of the township for various public purposes. Each township also has a clerk to handle the financial and clerical duties of that township.

Iowa Code Chapter 359

Township Budgets

Current Township Budgets

Historic Township Budgets